Ediri Primary School, Liquica District

Ediri Primary School, Liquica District
Completed 2022 – US$53,000 3 Classroom School Building, Playground and Bore Water Drilled
A hut with walls made of wooden slats, a leaking roof and no protection from the weather was the school room for Ediri’s year 4-6 students.  This made it incredibly difficult for the children who are desperate to learn and the teachers and volunteers who are trying to help them – particularly during the wet season.

In 2022 Spend it Well built a new 3 classroom building, repaired the toilets and provided the school with water, by drilling a bore.  This cost US$53,000.  One of Spend it Well’s donors also paid for the shipment and installation at Ediri of a playground which had been salvaged, cleaned and refurbished by Rotary in Australia.


Simon visiting the old school
An old classroom


A new classroom
The new playground