Day 51 of Spend it Well’s Flood Relief

It’s almost 2 months since the floods and Timor is struggling as people try to restore their lives with little or no money, surging Covid numbers, a lockdown and flood damaged farming land.

We’ve raised a total of A$187,658 since Easter Sunday and so far have spent A$172,965 directly on food and supplies.

Our team is seeing many people without money for food – even rice and our remaining A$14,700 of donor funds will be used to help as many as these people as possible.

Our huge last purchase of A$41,000 of supplies is still being distributed – with deliveries made so far to 140 families in Becora, Tasi Tolu and Kuluhun – approximately 700 people.

The photo below shows what 30,400 packets of noodles looks like. Each family receives a box which contains 40 packets of noodles.  Another photo is of 9,855kg of rice.  Each family receives a 15kg bag of rice together with their other food and supplies.