Day 68 of Spend it Well’s Flood Relief

Day 68 of Spend it Well’s Flood Relief

Sabeh has now sorted, packaged and delivered the massive A$41,000 of food and supplies bought by Spend it Well’s donors at the end of May. These have gone to 845 families – more than 4,000 people.

As well as the 140 families mentioned in our last update there have also been deliveries to 2 villages in Laclubar – 157 families in Fatumakerek and 248 families in Batara, to 68 families in Masi-Lidun (a village in Dili) and 232 families in Lequidoe Post, Aileiu

The Lequidoe Post families are from 7 hamlets and came by foot or motorbike to collect what they needed.  These photos sent in a report from the community tell the story better than words.

We have also purchased and delivered A$2,000 worth of nappies, washing detergent, soap and shampoo to one of the evacuation centres (there are still more than 3,000 people in such centres).

Simon and Balkis spent yesterday negotiating and arranging our final purchase with suppliers – in response to a request for 200 families. This final purchase has been made possible by some generous donations we’ve received recently.