10,000 mile drive for Maucale School

Spend it Well’s intrepid fundraisers, Julian and Viv are 2 days away from starting the Mongol Rally.  The Rally is  a 10,000 mile journey from Paris to Mongolia – the catch (if one is needed on such a journey) is that the car’s engine may not be bigger than 1,200cc.   Which means they are driving a car most of us wouldn’t drive to the shops stuffed with tents, sleeping bags and all the spare parts they can fit.  Julian and Viv plan to raise the money Spend it Well needs to complete the work on Maucale school which is currently under construction.  Their trip will take about a month and you can follow their progress on https://www.spenditwell.com/rally/ as they travel across 3 deserts, 5 mountain ranges and a large part of the earth’s surface.  Have a look at the interactive map to get a feel for how ridiculously far they are going!