Zoe… Asha…. Leah….

Bruce, Simon and I went back to Ostico School today. The children weren’t in school (I think an unofficial holiday had been declared to clean up after the previous days’ events). It was great to have time to wander around and properly look at the school. Everything was a bit of a blur from the day before. As we were leaving, I remembered I’d brought a picture of my 3 daughters. I pulled it out and held it up to show a few children who were around me. Within 30 seconds a huge crowd of children had gathered to look. I pointed to my oldest daughter and said “Zoe” – then to my surprise all the children repeated after me in one voice “Zoe…”. I pointed to my other two daughters and said “Asha” and then “Leah” and they repeated their names back to me in the same way. It was wonderful. I was about to put the photo away, then changed my mind and gave it to a little girl next to me. Her eyes opened as wide as saucers and she took the photo and took off at a sprint, with several children chasing her. I like to think of her keeping that photo of my girls in a hidden spot and pulling it out to look at them.