Leaving Timor

Timorese legend has it that if you drink the milk of a coconut in Timor you will come back. I didn’t drink any coconut milk, but I will be back. I have loved the friendliness of the people who have endured horrific events over the last 30 years and are now one of the world’s poorest nations. I’ve loved the beautiful coastline and the fact that the basic huts and houses I’ve seen are cleaner and tidier than any house I’ve ever kept. I’ve loved the children and their incredible thirst to learn and the fact that the East Timorese know that education is a vital part of the way forward for them. I am hopeful that with the great support from Kirsty Sword Gusmao and the time and effort from people like Simon, Jenny and Agostinho there is a lot that Spend it Well can do here to give children a chance in life with a proper education.