Spend it Well is Born

Graham, Stephen and I sat tonight in the French summer evening and decided that too many years had passed with our vague promises that “we must do something “ in terms of funding some charitable projects which we really believed in. Stephen and I and our girls are renting a house in Burgundy and Graham arrived this morning for a short visit, bringing his usual aura of energy and excitement. Over a bottle of good French wine, we figured out the things that mattered most to us – seeing the progress of a project we believe in and knowing that all of our money went directly to make that happen. We decided it was time to stop talking and to actually make something happen. Graham talked about East Timor, where he’d gone to visit Simon Fenby, a good friend of his working as one of Xanana Gusmao’s close advisors. We decided that Graham would talk to Simon and see if he thought there was something we could do and we’d go from there.