Meeting Simon

I am in Melbourne to promote the release of my latest book. Which sounds much more glamorous than it is – it actually means doing radio interviews for stations nobody but insomniacs listen to and trudging around book stores trying to convince book stores to let you sign some of the copies of your book. No great signs in book store windows announcing my arrival or queues for my signature stretching out the door….

So I was pretty happy to be done and to head to the bar where I’d arranged to meet Simon. I was surprised at how young he looked for someone who I knew was a really important advisor to the Prime Minister of a country. We chatted and I told him that we were interested in finding a simple school project – something that could be built in a few months in the region of US$20,000. I was also surprised when he said that he’d have a chat to Kirsty Sword Gusmao, the Prime Minister’s wife about our idea and see if she could suggest a project we could be involved with. The fact that someone like him is interested in what we are suggesting, makes me think we are on the right track.

Early night, early morning interview with some sports radio station tomorrow – a little odd given my book has nothing to do with sport. But so be it…