Day 6 of Spend it Well’s East Timor Flood Relief

Today, a week after the floods, was our biggest day yet.

We delivered food and supplies to 245 families – about 1,500 people in 4 villages in Tibar using 3 trucks and 2 utes.  Tibar is only 20 minutes out of Dili, but on the other side of the Covid quarantine perimeter which meant a border crossing and observing Covid protocol.

We spent A$11,000 and delivered:

245 mattresses
245 mosquito nets
490 blankets
360 boxes of sanitary pads
4,900 kg of rice
245 cans pork
245 packets of salt
245 packets of biscuits
380 packs of coffee
245 x 1kg packs of flour
50 kg of onions
50kg of garlic
980 packs of noodles
120 mosquito repellant strips
288 bars of soap
245 x 2 litre bottles of cooking oil
360 x 1.5 litre bottles  of drinking water

We have 6 water trucks arriving in Tibar tomorrow and Dr Andre has arranged to return with the Sabeh medical team.

This village would still have nothing without the donations we’ve received in the last week, so a huge thank you to all of our donors.  Thanks also to the Sabeh team for packing everything into family packs (the red plastic bags you can see) ready for distribution today.