Day 26 of Spend it Well’s East Timor Flood Relief

Yesterday, Sabeh volunteers loaded up a convoy of trucks full of food, clothing, mattresses, blankets and other items bought by Spend it Well’s donors. These were delivered to 303 families (1,500 people) in Metinaro – an area 30km outside Dili.

After finishing late last night, the Sabeh and Spend it Well teams started early again today, loading up 3 more trucks with supplies for 275 families (about 1,300 people) in Turiscai, outside Dili.  Under Covid rules, the convoy has had to stop at a halfway point, unload everything and reload it all into trucks from the village which then take it the rest of the way.  This is a big job.  They are making the transfer now.

There is a real concern about the nutrition levels of children displaced in this crisis and we are trying to find practical ways to help with the problem.  Pro Ema is a local organisation which supports vocational education, personal development and career support for young Timorese women in three areas, one of which is hospitality.  They have been making meals for children in evacuation camps and today we have given them 1,830 eggs to use in these meals.