Day 24 of Spend it Well’s East Timor Flood Relief

Spend it Well has been recognised by the United Nations as one of the significant donors to the East Timor flood relief effort.

The bar chart from the UN’s report released today (below in US$) shows that Spend it Well’s donors have provided more assistance than each of the EU, China, Korea, the USA, the Asia Foundation and the ANZ bank.  Our involvement would rank even higher if you take into account that 100% of donated funds have been used to buy food and supplies for people in need – none of our funds have been used for wages or other administrative costs.

What this shows is that individuals and small organisations can make a difference.  It has been made possible because of the generous donations by hundreds of people and our great partnership with Sabeh to help us organise and deliver tens of thousands of items.

The UN report which can be viewed here shows that more than 31,000 households have been affected across the country, with almost 4,000 people still in evacuation centres, many of whom may not be able to return to their homes.  Over 2,000 hectares of agricultural area have been affected by the flooding.