Day 2 of Spend it Well’s East Timor Flood Relief

Today’s update is from from me (Kris) sitting in Australia as Simon and the team are still out working and will be for several more hours. Our goal today was to take enough supplies to the 500 people at Tasi Tulo refuge camp. So we bought and delivered 4 utes full of mattresses, tarpaulins, blankets, children’s clothes, plates and spoons, sanitary pads, soap, washing powder, mosquito repellent, drinking cups plus some lollies for the kids. But then we were told that Bairo Pite camp needed help, so the team packed another 4 utes and headed over there. I’ve just heard from Simon that it’s not actually a shelter, but a village that was flooded out. The supplies are currently being distributed through the village in the dark – there are no street lights or any electricity. Sabeh asked us to buy a long list of medication this afternoon because they’d been told that Hera camp, which is 30 minutes out of Dili, has a lot of sick people. The team are headed there next with Sabeh’s volunteer doctors, once they are finished at Bairo Pite.

This is all possible because of the extraordinary donations that we’ve received from hundreds of people – $40,000 in the last 48 hours and more still coming in. If you would like to help with what we are doing, please donate at (just put “flood relief” in the notes).