Beautiful Classroom with a View

This is from one of the major donors for Ossoluga High School who visited it recently:

“‘It’s a beautiful’ ‘room with a view’  is the thought that ran through my mind when I saw Ossologa school for the first time. Within seconds I was transformed from nearly shedding a few tears to being totally uplifted. It had been very emotional to see the students’ and community’s welcoming arch, until the school came into view. We were there for the final inspection, payment and handing over of the keys.

As we inspected the classrooms and staffroom, the teacher in me surfaced. I thought of the many rooms I had taught in over the years and how uplifting it is to teach in a pleasant one.  I kept thinking how wonderful it would be to teach or learn in these rooms with their views of tree tops and the Matebians.   As well, despite the day being hot and humid, it was so pleasant inside – the building’s design and siting allows capture of breezes and light.

When my attention turned to the walls I could only think of what a joy it would be to display students’ work on those large high walls.  I’d really, really enjoy teaching in rooms like these.I can only imagine how fantastic it will be for students and teachers alike to switch from their dark, deteriorating rooms with their uneven, dusty earthen floors, palm frond walls and re-cycled metal roof to their beautiful school with a view.   And switch they did that very afternoon.

Now there is an added impetus to do that long daily walk more regularly and for more years, to and from a school which is so beautiful.  It must change some students’ lives. ”


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