Macalaco, East Timor

Macalaco is a small village in stunning mountains, 3 ½ hours drive from the East Timor capital, Dili. Over 130 students and teachers walk up to 4 hours each day to Macalaco school from nearby peaks and valleys. Due to space constraints, the school’s six classes have to operate in two shifts: three classes in the morning and three classes in the afternoon. However, many children cannot attend afternoon classes safely because the sun sets at around 6.30 in East Timor. An extra  3 classroom building is needed to enable all children to attend classes in one shift with time spare to walk home safely to adjacent peaks before dark.

Mario, the builder we used for our Lequeracabu’u project, has been engaged to build this the extra building for US$25,000. An Australian family has offered to pay for the entire construction of the new building and plan to be involved with the village on a long term basis. With this generous family support, we will begin construction as soon as the rains let up. There are many other ways Macalaco village can be helped though, so we are also looking for support for things like school books, scholarships and possibly a sporting court. Can you help?

Before photos
School site Current school building
Students outside Students inside current classroom