Great changes to basic school design

The incredible success of the White Party has meant that we have the money to really improve the design of Lequeracabu’u school.  We now have a quote and plans for:

* Including a ceiling which will make a massive difference in summer

*  Using a better quality and longer lasting wood

*  Using exposed stone up to window level rather than wood

*And last, but definitely not least, installing electricity for lights and to power points.  

Kind of hard to believe things like this are optional extras! 

We will also have a quote shortly for guttering and a water tank – for which we’re working on separate funding.  Seems ridiculous to be looking at water storage during this incredible wet season, but once the rain does stop, there will be almost none for the rest of the year.  Within a few months the countryside will be incredibly dry and the tank water hugely beneficial to the school

Today’s photo is just to show how incredibly beautiful Timor is.