US$30,000 from the White Party

With a flurry of extra donations this week, the total amount raised for Lequeracabu’u School has passed US$30,000!

The amount we’ve raised is so much greater than our expectations that we did think about just building the bare minimum school at Lequeracabu’u and putting some money to another school.  But while a school building is an essential starting point, there is so much more that is needed to create good education.  We’re about doing things properly and so we’re going to use the extra funds to improve the quality and longevity of the school building and to fund things like teacher training, scholarships and books.  

Together everyone has helped contribute the funds necessary to put in place the “full package” for Lequeracabu’u’s 84 children – something we hadn’t even hoped might happen from one night.

Stay tuned for the first sod turning expected for next Thursday!