The White Party!

Eliza and Megan arrived at Jones the Grocer this morning full of energy and enthusiasm for throwing a fantastic fundraising party for East Timor. They thought the idea of the Lequeracabu’u School was great. Eliza has volunteered her and Damian’s house as a venue – Damian’s only condition being that any party had to have a white theme (he is a man who likes things to look good ) And so the White Party was born.

Nick, another friend in Dubai is also very keen to help and we’ve set a date of May 6 – as late as we can push it we think with the desert summer heating up very quickly. Within an hour Eliza and Megan had the bones of the party sorted out – I’m to sort out details of the project and a supporting letter from Kirsty, Megan is to get a great invite designed and we will send the invite out!