School furniture for Timorese children who have none

471 desks and chairs from Victorian schools have been delivered to 4 remote schools in East Timor. Instead of being landfilled, this furniture was collected, sorted and loaded by the great volunteers at Rotary’s Donations in Kind and shipped to East Timor with an incredible donation from Sparrow Early Learning.  Schools often don’t have enough furniture for the growing number of students – this furniture means that 471 children now have places to sit and learn which they didn’t have before.  I think the words and photos from one of the schools below tell the story better than I can.

Our teachers at Escola Basica Filial (Basic Education Feeder School) of Fatucahi and Escola Basica Central (Central Basic Education School) of Clacuc were overjoyed with the arrival of a large quantity of chairs and desks from Australia. Every day our teachers in this district of Manufahi struggle to provide the best learning conditions for our kids. Many students come to school hungry. Some walk up to 3 kilometres to get to school. It makes our teachers sad not to be able to reward them for their commitment to their education with decent basic facilities. Until we received the desks and chairs from our friends in Australia, up to a third of our early grade students were sitting on the classroom floor. Now everyone has a place to sit and study like children in other countries. We are so grateful for the support we have received.”

Clacuc School