Our new school project – Lospalos

My kids’ school in Brisbane has 350 children in 15 classrooms plus music room, library, hall etc etc.  Lospalos primary school has 848 students in 7 run-down classrooms – and nothing else. 

Even with the teachers running 3 shifts over 12 hours every day, each of the children at Lospalos primary school is only getting a couple of hours’ schooling a day.  Our project for 2012 is to build a new 3 classroom building for the school to help ease this chronic overcrowding. 

Lospalos is a city of 28,000 people.  Unlike some of our other, more remote, projects where limited road access means only a semi- permanent building is possible,  we are able to build a permanent building at Lospalos with concrete walls, glass windows etc. 

The total cost will be USD$65,000 and we plan to have this built within the next few months.  We already have donations for over half of this amount, but are currently working to raise the remaining USD$30,000.