Ostico School’s First Ever Uniforms

The 364 children at Ostico School received 3 uniforms each last weekend thanks to some fabulous people at the Australian International School in Singapore.   The Singapore AIS changed their uniform last year and Monica Mayer and her team of helpers spend countless hours gathering, sorting and packing about 5,000 uniform pieces which were in perfect condition, but no longer needed at the school.  The school’s parent group paid to ship the uniforms to Timor Leste and then at the Timor end, Agostinho Soares and Jenny Coles collected the uniforms from the port, sorted the uniforms suitable for the Ostico children, repacked them and reloaded them into a borrowed UN mini bus before driving 4 hours outside Dili and delivering them in person. This was something which would simply not have happened without the dedication, energy and generosity of Monica and her team.  These are the first uniforms the Ostico children have ever had.


IMG_0458 IMG_0462 IMG_0469