Ossoluga School is Looking Great

To get to Ossoluga school last Wednesday we drove 4.5 hours from Dili, along the narrow coastal road, crossing a river and then winding up a steep dirt mountain road.  The views are spectacular and the new school is perched on the side of the mountain looking over the valley.  The foundations and framing are in and the walls are going up.  It’s a fabulous looking building and already I can see the improvements our pro-bono architect has made to the design.  Tome the builder is employing 4 locals on the construction which is giving them new skills and an income.  The contrast to the old windowless, dirt floored school only 50 m away is huge.  The new school should be all finished within a month.


DSC_2621 DSC_2612 DSC_2598 DSC_2597 DSC_2595  DSC_2629