My girls and some puppets

Zoe, my eldest daughter, was with us last year when we saw the fabulous MAC children’s rights group perform at remote Macalaco school.  The puppets they used in part of the performance were pretty old and tatty, so my two younger daughters and I decided to find them some new ones.  We were able to get 4 sets of 6 great animal puppets made by ladies in Bangladesh and imported by the lovely Sally at Earthlink Handcrafts.  Few Timorese children know how to give personalities and names to animals so the girls decided to help them by finding out the Tetum name for each animal and naming them.  So Leo Lafaek (crocodile), Sammy Samea (snake) and the others are now in Timor.  We’re planning MAC performances at the schools in the villages of Festau and Ostico, so the puppets will make their journey to those remote villages soon.

IMG_9159 IMG_9162 IMG_9161