Roof is on, looking great

Simon went to the school again last weekend. Apparently the builder was very disappointed that Simon went on a Saturday as he is very proud of his work and wanting to show it off with an official tour! The new school building is coming along well with the roof now on and the ceiling steel beams in place. The ceiling of the old school building has been removed and new wooden beams have been put in to replace those which were rotting. All looking great.

Simon also sent through some photos of the area which make you stop and think about how little people there have. Two things always strike me when I look at photos of the houses and the school kids .. The first is that the outside of the houses are spotless, swept with branches, rocks neatly lined up. The second is that the kids’ white school shirts are a lovely clean white, not stained, not dirty and mostly not even crumpled (the only water source in Ostico is a small spring some distance away). As someone who struggles to do either of those things with running hot and cold water and top of the range electrical items, I am always in awe. And each time I see it, it makes me realise the value that the Timorese place on what little they have.