Lequeracabu’u School is looking great!

Simon, Jenny, Agostinho and Dinis had a great trip to Lequeracabu’u school last week. It took 5 hours to get there from Dili  including serious off-road driving and creek crossing. They also involuntarily witnessed the slaughter of a buffalo (no photos of that!)

Everyone was really pleased with the progress. Agostinho is happy with the quality of the work – the foundations are strong and deep and they are using good quality wood (not easy to find in Timor). Some villagers are employed by the builder – others are helping voluntarily to keep the road into the village accessible for trucks.

After the site visit there was a formal meeting with the village elders during which Jenny delivered an impressive impromptu speech in Tetum! The villagers are incredibly grateful for the work that is being done.

The rains in July have delayed work, but we’re hoping for an October/November finish. We’ve also asked Mario the builder to quote on making an area into a small football/volleyball field next to the school.  More updates soon.