Festau School, Baucau District

Festau School, Baucau District

Completed 2010 – US$30,000 3 Classroom Semi-Permanent School Building

The school building at Festau was a falling down shack with no windows and dirt floors which turned to mud in the wet season.  Some of the village’s 84 children attempted to study in the school, others walked up to 4 hours a day to another school.

In 2010, Spend it Well’s fabulously successful “White Party” run by Megan and Eliza raised US$30,000 to build Festau a new three classroom semi-permanent school building.  Kirsty Sword Gusmão opened the school, which was built in partnership with her office. 


The old school hut
Children in the old dirt floored, windowless classroom
Children in front of the new school at the opening ceremony
Kirsty Sword Gusmão opening the school
Kris in the new school building