Fabulous White Party – US$25,000 and more still coming!

Thursday night’s White Party was extraordinary.   There were about 180 people outside on the grass and the beach on a glorious evening.  It was a fabulous party, but it was more than that.  Everyone was so happy to be part of building the Lequeracabu’u School and there was a special kind of feel to the night.  The outcome exceeded all of our expectations – US$25,000 with more donations still coming in!  The extra money means we can do some extra building work like adding a teacher’s room (hard to believe that’s an optional extra really) and possibly a water tank.  We’ll also be able to fund things like scholarships and teacher training – to make a full package to help put the Lequeracabu’u children in the best possible position.  A huge thank you to everyone  who helped and who came along  to be part of such an amazing night!