Day 13 of Spend it Well’s East Timor Flood Relief

It’s 2 weeks today since the floods hit East Timor.  This is what we’ve all managed to achieve since then:

Days of Flood Relief Work:  13
Total Money Raised: A$154,533
Total Donor Money Spent: A$98,600.73
Refuge Camps Supported: 2
Villages Supported: 30
Approx Number of Families Supported: 1,800
Approx Total Number of People Supported: 9,000
% of Donor Money spent on petrol, wages, truck hire or other admin costs: 0%

Items Bought and Distributed include:

46,625 kg of rice
1,836 2 litre bottles cooking oil
78,840 packs of noodles
725 cans of pork
1,331 cans of beef
1,246 packs of coffee
1,440 eggs
1,595 1kg packs of sugar
1,246 kg packs of flour
200 kg of onions
200 kg of garlic
3,060 spoons
2,280 plates
1,819 mattresses
3,103 blankets
2,220 mosquito nets
752  tarpaulins
4,608 bars of soap
6,000 packs of detergent
3,168 packs of santitary pads
2,250 kg second-hand kids’ clothes
1,330 kg second-hand adults’ clothes
$1,900 medicine

Simon Fenby from Spend it Well and Dr Andre from Sabeh started a collaboration 13 days ago in response to the flood crisis. Sabeh had many volunteers able to assist  and we thought we’d be able to raise a small sum of money to buy some food and supplies.  Our donors’ generosity has far exceeded our hopes though and we’ve raised $154,433 (and still counting).  Spend it Well’s procurement operation has scaled up from a purchase total of A$4,200 on day 1 to A$22,000 on Day 12.  So many volunteers have been working  to make this happen all day every day for the last 2 weeks

The gratitude and grace of people we have been able to assist has been extraordinary.  We’re not finished yet – we’ll keep spending the money we’ve been given for the purpose it was given – helping the people of Timor to recover.