Announcing our Next Project

We like to build schools in remote locations, but Railuli school is remote even by Spend it Well standards.  It is an hour’s hard 4WD  out of Balibo – only 5km from the Indonesian border and feels like a place that the world has forgotten.  When the Indonesians left in 1999 they  stripped the old school of everything they could use and burnt what was left to the ground.  The villagers have built a tin roofed, dirt floored hut for their kids which has no toilets or running water.  Everyone who has visited Railuli is blown away by the organisation and determination of the teaching. The school is well organised and there is good quality work on the blackboard and posters on the walls (very unusual in places this remote).  We have a great builder working with us at the moment which is the only way we can do a project this remote – and Agostinho and Napo to manage the process for us.  We’re worried that if we don’t move quickly on this project and lose the builder to another project then we might not be able to help these kids.  It’s going to cost USD68,000 to build a 3 classroom, 3 toilet school that will last generations and to bring the water 1.5km from the nearest spring (Project Budget Summary at Railuli School Building Cost).  So we’re raising the money now.  We’d love your support in any amount – tax deductible donations can be made through the website 100% of which will go directly to building Railuli School as all costs other than the building cost are funded separately.  Just look at those beautiful clean school uniforms – in a place with no running water.  Railuli is trying so hard to educate their kids, how great if we can give them a hand.

Thanks Kris