Amazing Youth Group goes to Macalaco School

Imagine 130 school children in a remote village in the mountains of East Timor having a music and dance based youth rights group from Dili arrive to perform for them.    We were able to make that happen this week by co-operating with MAC an incredible organisation of young people from Dili.   15 of the MAC group travelled to remote Macalaco – doing the last stage with all their instruments (including drum kit, synthesiser and guitars) in a builder’s open backed truck.  They performed songs for the children which dealt with things like children’s rights, nutrition and hygeine and interspersed the songs with short teaching sessions and a puppet show.  There was also dancing and some capoeira (Brazilian based martial art combing dance and music) – everyone had a fabulous time.

 The children (and adults) were transfixed.  We hope to be able to take MAC to Macalaco again very soon.