Fabulous Macalaco Garden

 Hi, I’m Zoe Webb and I am 12. A couple of weeks ago I visited East Timor for the first time. One of my favourite times of my trip was visiting the Macalaco gardens. Spend It Well gave the school $500 dollars to make a garden for the kids and the community (as well as building them a school). When they told me about the garden I was expecting few banana trees and nothing special but what was there completely blew me away! There were rows and rows of cabbages, banana trees, pineapples, spring onions, bok choy and lots of other veggies. What was most surprising (and amazing) was that these people grow better produce than we do, in rock hard ground. What Spend It Well and the Macalaco community have done will feed most of the village, and give them something different to eat for a change.