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Who we are

Spend It Well is small charity achieving big outcomes. Everything we do is driven by donor involvement and a passionate focus on short term projects to make a practical difference in the lives of a local community.

Spend It Well was created in 2009 to enable donors to directly support short term projects and remain involved throughout the project with regular updates. Donors also have the opportunity to visit the project to see the outcome of their involvement. 100% of funds you donate go directly to your nominated project.

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Meet the team

Kris Webb
Spend It Well Co-Founder

Kris Webb is an ex-lawyer who has published 3 novels and loves being able to directly and quickly solve specific needs of local communities. Kris is a full time director of Spend it Well, managing the fundraising for projects and co-ordinating its activities in and out of Australia.

Stephen Webb
Spend It Well Co-Founder

Stephen Webb is a partner at law firm DLA Piper. Stephen is a director of Spend it Well. His favourite part of school visits is kicking a football around in the dirt with the kids.


Graham Thomson
Spend It Well Co-Founder

Graham Thomson completes the founding trio of lawyers. Graham left the legal profession to start successful international company, Affinitext. On a visit to Kris and Stephen in 2008, Graham announced that it was time to stop talking about finding a way to give money directly and with maximum impact and to just do it. Graham now provides advice and guidance to Spend it Well’s activities from his home in London.


Simon Fenby

Simon Fenby is a senior advisor to Xanana Gusmao, the Prime Minister of East Timor. He is a central part of Spend It Well’s operations, providing advice and assistance on all levels. It was Simon who showed Kris, Stephen and Graham the tremendous need in East Timor and the opportunity to make a huge difference in rural communities. He has since had many occasions to regret advocating rural not city projects, driving hours over terrible roads to visit Spend It Well funded schools.


Nandy Gurr

Nandy Gurr has both years of experience in Timor and inexhaustible enthusiasm and energy – a fabulous combination. She has raised funds for and built a number of schools and is currently on the boards of the Alola Foundation and Casa Vida. Never one to sit back and watch, Nandy will be found on the ground playing with school children, in a corner talking to community elders, or behind the wheel of any available vehicle.


Agostinho Soares

Agostinho Soares has been the essential element to all of the schools Spend it Well has been involved with building. We call him our Project Manager, but his job description extends from scoping potential sites, to meeting with villagers, local chiefs and the Ministry of Education, negotiating contracts with builders and many, many visits to remote locations to monitor building progress. He makes sure that Spend it Well’s donors’ money is spent exactly as it is supposed to be. He is also a master at avoiding photographs and we feel very lucky to have caught him in this one!


Napoleao Horacio

Napoleao Horacio is our Technical Support Engineer. He worked with us back in 2012 before he won a scholarship to study Engineering in New Zealand. Now back in East Timor with a Civil Engineering degree and fluent English, he provides us with advice on the school buildings design and costing which enables us to build high quality schools for the best possible price. He also regularly drives the terrible roads that lead to the schools we build, in order to supervise progress and provides the liaison between Timor and those of us in Australia.


Allan Spencer-Stewart

Melissa de Jonge

Mike Selby

Allan Spencer Stewart of Marcom Write, Melissa de Jonge of Splash Creative and Mike Selby of North South Studio are Spend it Well’s extraordinary communications, design and technology team. They have been with Spend it Well from the very beginning helping to tell the Spend It Well story through our fabulous website, Facebook, Twitter, brochures, and other materials. They donate their expertise with enthusiasm, flair and skill while juggling busy consulting practices and young families.

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